Wednesday, November 2, 2011

About Diabetes Retina Problems and Know Retina Damage

About diabetes retina problems:

Keep blood glucose and blood pressure as normal as possible.
Your doctor may suggest laser treatment, when a beam of light is directed onto the retina of the damaged eye. The beam closes the vessels that bleed. You can stop the blood and fluid in the vitreous. Laser treatment can reduce the loss of sight.

If a large amount of blood that has seeped into your vitreous and your sight is poor, your eye doctor may recommend surgery called a vitrectomy. A vitrectomy removes blood and vitreous fluid of the eye. Then clean fluid is put back into the eye. Surgery can make your eyesight better.

know if I have retina damage from diabetes:

You may not have any signs of diabetes retina damage or you can have one or more signs:
  • blurred or double vision
  • rings, flashing lights or blind spots
  • dark spots or floating
  • pain or pressure in one or both eyes
  • trouble seeing things out of the corners of your eyes

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