Thursday, January 12, 2012

How can doctor help me take care of my feet?

  • Tell your doctor right away about any foot issues. 

  • Your doctor ought to do a complete foot examination every year.

  • Ask your doctor to look at your feet at each diabetes checkup. To make sure your doctor checks your feet, take off your shoes and socks before your doctor comes in to the room.

  • Ask your doctor to check how well the nerves in your feet sense feeling.

  • Ask your doctor to check how well blood is flowing to your legs and feet.

  • Ask your doctor to show you the best way to trim your toenails. Ask what lotion or cream to make use of on your legs and feet.

  • If you cannot cut your toenails or you have a foot issue, ask your doctor to send you to a foot doctor. A doctor who cares for feet is called a podiatrist.

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